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Become the legendary leader

of the Minoans,

the first and most memorable European civilizations of the Bronze Age and build the epic Palace of Knossos. Build your power in the Aegean Sea by trading strategically and negotiating wisely with other great nations of the time. Raise your standing with your people and improve on traditional Minoan ceremonies and rituals. Use new technology to thrive and survive natural disasters and attacks by your enemies.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of our fantastic ancestors and show that you are equal to the mythical rulers of Knossos! "


Sport is murder



The Minoan Culture -

the first civilization of Europe!

They invented the first scripts, they built the most complex structures and

to this day they are among the masters of ancient art!

(Named after the mythical King Minos, it was created between 3000 and 1400 BC

on the Mediterranean island of Crete. ??)


The palace

from Knossos,

comprised up to 5 floors, probably up to 1300 rooms, and was built on an area equivalent to 2.5 soccer fields. With the surrounding city, Knossos had around 100,000 inhabitants, which is roughly the size of Kaiserslautern.


Be smart, be epic!


The future of the past

read in your hands!


Epic Palace: Knossos is based on the latest scientific findings in archeology. It was developed in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Philipp W. Stockhammer (LMU Munich) and was funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Philipp Stockhammer and the Milkroomstudios team wish you a lot of fun!

Milkroom Studios
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