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Executive Producer Milkroom Studios
Joachim Sturmes
Robert Hoffmeister

Executive Producer / Science Consultant
Prof. Dr. Philipp W. Stockhammer

Based on an idea from

Michael Spitzer and Professor Dr. Philipp W. Stockhammer


Joachim Sturmes

Line producer
Hanna Radek

Production coordinator
Ekaterina Hugasyan

Game design, programming, UI / UX
Andreas Nitsche

Art Direction / Technical Direction
Markus Pietrowsky

Games Design Concept by

Michael Spitzer

Technical game design consultant / Unity pro
Michael Spitzer

Tyler Cunningham

Card illustrations
Nikola Nevenov

Graphic design
Strahil Radin

Programming coordination
Dimo Chotrov

Unity programming
Nikolay Rusev
Mihail Zlachev

Tihomir Chakarov

3D art work
Luis Guggenberger

Thomas von Kunnant

Ivan Sarov
Evgeni Schoh
Vanya Panova
Yasen Mihailov

3D models / terrain / dome

Thomas Heinrich

Thomas von Kummant

Sebastian M. Rouaiha

Creative supervisor / website / artwork

Katrin Klaiber

Additional Sen. Unity Artists

Pietro Fantoni
Zlatka Uzunova

Senior Character Designer / Artwork reviews
Jürgen Richter

Repository / backend / research

Rüdiger Piossek

SPECIAL THANKS TO (in alphabetical order)

Alex Petit (concept art augsburg)
Alexander Mies (Aerospace Association)
Angelika Mühlbauer (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure BMVDI)
Boris A. Rothe, lawyers Fischer & Partner, Cologne
Glare Production GmbH (Andre Bellmann, Thomas Heinrich, Sebastian M. Rouaiha)
Infinite Production Company GmbH
Irini Dimola (Bavarian Film Center)
Ludger Elfgen, ElfgenPick GmbH & CO KG, Augsburg
Luxoom GmbH, Berlin Tobias Sievers, Uli Sauerwein
Michael Hieber, Screencraft Entertainment GmbH, Munich

Momentum Digital Studios doo,

Momentum Medien Management GmbH, Pfaffenhofen
Oliver Seibert (Bavarian Film Center)
Sofia Techpark
+ Name of the employee who works on the trailer


Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Institute for Prehistoric and Protohistory, Archeology and Provincial Roman Archeology

BVMI for promoting the game

DLR Berlin, project management agency for games funding Barbara Reddig and Goekman Büyükaktaş

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