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Game features

Don't be some king that the world will forget tomorrow. Become one of the mythical kings of the Bronze Age and show the world how you build a palace that will be admired for thousands of years.


Let your palace bloom in all its glory by building it up in 4 stages. Build storage rooms to safely store your agricultural produce and feed your population. Build a pottery to make ceramics and storage containers. With an oil press you can produce precious olive oil that you can process into perfume. And don't forget the weaving mill, where you can make fabric from the wool of your sheep!
Who has the chance in life to set up a throne room ?! Equip your throne room with the most beautiful and magnificent objects and wall paintings from the Bronze Age. Do you like the dolphins on the wall and the wooden throne, or do you prefer monkeys and a bronze throne? Make tactically smart decisions, expand your equipment options and make your dreams come true!
You will be challenged and have to react strategically to different trading options. Do you want to exchange perfume for ivory or fabrics for copper? The great trading centers of the Bronze Age will come into contact with you, bring you important knowledge and luxurious pieces of equipment for your throne room, if you act skillfully! And don't forget the pirates - your merchant ships also need powerful weapons!
If you want to be successful, you have to strive for good diplomatic relations with the surrounding kingdoms. Do not disappoint their diplomats who pay you a visit! You don't want enemies who sneakily stab your back. Angry Mycenaeans are no joy!
Without technological progress you have no chance even in the Bronze Age. By acting tactically wisely and maintaining good diplomatic relationships, you will gain knowledge that enables you to use new technologies. You will learn to melt bronze, which you can use to make weapons and precious jewelry. You will be more effective at harvesting olives and wheat and building better ships. The more advanced your technologies are, the greater your chance of winning.
In the Bronze Age, cultural rituals and ceremonies are part of everyday life. What a hassle! Just keep your people happy and whether in the palace courtyard or downstairs in the theater - let men jump over bulls, women dance with snakes, or sacrifice an animal in the name of the gods - they will make your prestige grow! But woe if you don't do it. Your people will take revenge instead of the gods!
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