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"The Bronze Age is incredibly exciting." Phillip Stockhammer

Sport is murder


In the case of the famous bull jump, however, that wasn't so far off, because training with a wild bull might have cost many a clumsy jumper their lives.


Shopping list

It's actually wonderful that extensive stores were found in the palace of Knossos with clay tablets inscribed with a script called Linear B, an early Greek. We can even read them! But it is almost exclusively about business texts - in literary terms comparable to a today's receipt from purchasing.


Perfume oil

What to do if you wanted to prepare yourself for your loved one in the Bronze Age Knossos? You rubbed yourself with scented olive oil - for example with the aromas of rose or sage - and hoped that too much dust didn't stick to the oily body!


Flushed toilet

Not a modern invention! Even in the palace of Knossos there was a toilet seat in the apartments of the rulers, under which there was a water drain that could wash away everything that fell into the toilet. You just knew how to live cultivated in the palace!

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